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From Greek meros, aspect, and onoma, title. Meronym is the reverse of a holonym (a full issue in relation to a part of the entire). metonym – phrase/phrase applied to signify the perform with which it is affiliated – related to a metaphor – for illustration the term ‘Number Ten’ is a metonym for the United kingdom Key Ministerial office environment and authority (by affiliation with the tackle of the office environment at 10 Downing Street).

‘The bottle’ is a metonym for liquor ‘the Crown’ is a metonym for the monarchy ‘Brussells is a metonym for the EU’s establishments ‘(there will be) tears’ is a metonym for (predicted) emotional upset ‘Twickenham’ is a metonym for the England Rugby Soccer Union ‘the noose’ and ‘the chair’ are metonyms for capital punishment ‘under the knife’ is a metonym for surgery ‘shut-eye’ is a metonym for snooze, etc. From Greek, metonumia, ‘change of name’. metronym – a identify derived from a mother or feminine ancestor. Much more generally identified as a matronym .

The expression ‘Mother Earth’ is probably the most fundamental common instance of all. Extra narrowly, any female youngster is supplied a metronym/matronym when named right after a mother, grandmother or other woman in the ancestral line. misnomer – an inaccurate or incorrect term, name or designation, in particular when recognized in well known or official use, whilst a misnomer could also be a easy once-only error of referencing or naming some thing.

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There are numerous different varieties/results in of misnomers. Some misomers originate initial as appropriate and correct terminology but then come to be misnomers simply because the this means of language alters subsequently in excess of several a long time. The ‘ring’ of a telephone is a misnomer simply because telephones no for a longer period writing custom contain bells. When persons refer to ‘pulling the ‘chain’ in referring to flushing a bathroom this is also a misnomer simply because bathrooms generally no longer have chain-pull mechanisms.

The Indian food stuff ‘Bombay duck’ is a misnomer because it is truly a dried fish. A ‘contradiction in terms’ or oxymoron may also be a misnomer. Genericized logos are misnomers. Misunderstood scientific phenomena aften develop misnomers, these types of as the time period ‘shooting star’, which technically are meteors.

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So far too is ‘thunderbolt’ a misnomer, simply because it is really truly a representation of a lightning strike. The ‘lead’ of a pencil is a misnomer, due to the fact it is graphite. When we recommend that somebody will ‘catch a cold’ by not sporting more than enough clothing in winter season this is a misnomer simply because a chilly is a virus and can’t be ‘caught’ from or created by cold weather.

Lots of creatures are named as misnomers, because of to inferring a species by similarity of visual appeal, for instance, a ‘king crab’ is not a crab, a ‘koala bear’ is not a bear, and a ‘prairie dog’ is not a doggy. Adjustments in legal terminology can also produce misnomers, for instance it is a misnomer to refer to glowing wine as ‘champagne’ when it does not occur from the Champagne area in France. The phrase ‘football club’ is a misnomer where in most instances the ‘club’ is a commercial enterprise.

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