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Unfortunately, he had had a very uneven response to those products. The 2018 Farm Bill requires hemp cultivation to be licensed and regulated pursuant to “state plans” promulgated by a state, which must contain, among other things, provisions for THC testing. If a state does not wish to issue a plan, the United States Department of Agriculture is authorized to do so. The USDA has authority to issue regulations and guidances, but the law explicitly preserves the existing jurisdiction of the FDA. This rescheduling process can be initiated by DEA, by the Department of Health and Human Services/FDA as part of the new drug approval process, or by an interested person.

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This inspection is very extensive and can take 5–7 business days. A number of manufacturers are apparently attempting to avoid FDA’s statement concerning section 321 by marketing their products as “hemp extracts” . However, many of these products still provide the CBD content on the label, website, or certificate of analysis .

Of course, Congress has the power to enact a law to schedule, reschedule, or entirely deschedule a substance. In doing so, Congress need not examine abuse of potential data or the results of an 8FA. Schedule I substances can be dispensed only in federally authorized research programs [Investigational New Drug authorized by FDA and DEA Schedule I research registration]. Schedule I status entails restrictive requirements for security, recordkeeping, storage, transport, and other activities.

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It remains to be seen whether FDA will determine that these products are violative of the FDCA. When CBD was “rediscovered” in the United States, as described above, the “CBD-rich” varieties that were available to be extracted were “drug-type” varieties, rather than classic hemp varieties.

Subsequently, in the wake of the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp varieties became the primary source of CBD. A California family, learning about CBD from their nurse, tried several types or products with their son who had an intractable epilepsy.

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Schedule I substances cannot be imported into, or exported from, the United States, even for personal medical use, and even if the patient is enrolled in a clinical trial. As a general rule, all substances, and the products containing or derived from such substances, are classified in the same schedule.

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