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abstract: In the spring of 1990, Christopher McCandless obtains his undergraduate degree from Emory. Watching him get his degree are his wealthy parents, Walt McCandless and Billie McCandless, and his teenaged sister, Carine McCandless. Before his parents and sister head home to Virginia following the convocation, Chris, refusing his parents' gift of a new car to replace his old Datsun which he states works perfectly fine, tells them that he has thoughts of going into Harvard Law, he having received excellent grades in what were largely classes focusing on global social consciousness. Walt, Billie and Carine will learn by the end of the summer that Chris had no intention of going to Harvard as he has since moved from his apartment in Atlanta without a word to them, he arranging with the post office to hold his mail for a couple of months before being "returned to sender" to give him a head start in his escape from his family. Chris' Datsun is eventually discovered abandoned in the Arizona desert, the authorities believing it being done on purpose as opposed to Chris being abducted. Walt and Billie intend to continue to search for Chris until they know conclusively what has happened to him. Carine, having had much the same upbringing as Chris, believes she understands what he is doing in making this escape. What he has done is either donated most of his money to Oxfam or burned it, and has destroyed all of his ID in an effort to start life anew as a child of the Earth, he rechristening himself Alexander Supertramp. This move is in rebellion to much of western society, and most specifically against the type of life his parents epitomize, they who he believes should never have gotten married and are hypocrites in portraying what they believe society expects of them, being generally unhappy with each other and life in the process. He ultimately wants to live off the land, carrying with him only what material possessions he will need, but wants to experience freedom by traveling the country by thumbing rides or riding the rails, working the odd job until he earns enough to purchase what he needs at any give time, and obtaining some skills he knows he will need to survive in the destination he has in mind when he is ready: the wilds of Alaska. Despite stating that he does not want or need attachments, he does make some human connections along the way, and not necessarily to/with like-minded people
Cast: Catherine Keener, Marcia Gay Harden

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I have seen this film quite a few times and my opinion has varied based on my own growth in life. Into the Wild is a beautifully made motion picture and some of the segments (especially those with Hal Holbrook and those that transpire around “the magic bus” in Alaska) are powerful. Chris initially comes across as an idealistic jerk – the kind of guy who will thoughtlessly hurt others if they stand in the way of his achieving a goal. Gradually, he is revealed as being more complex. By the end of the movie, I don’t know that I liked Chris, but I understood him and sympathized with him, and sometimes that’s more important. Into the Wild is a long motion picture, clocking in at nearly 150 minutes. But the strength and breadth of its material earns it the extended running time. It’s about many things and makes pointed comments about the ridiculousness of a society where bureaucracy and the rat race have become so cumbersome that they crush the pleasure out of living.

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I’m a filmmaker and Alaskan who really loved this movie. As a person on the business side, as well as a bush man. I found it well done… I was out during the filming of this film. I really enjoyed how well Mr. Penn directed this picture. I live with in the area of where all this took place and was pleased how well they protected the area from things like trash or other that would have harmed the production value of the team. They went into great lengths to pick up after themselves. The production team use many animals from shelters to play the wild parts in the movie. The moose that was used as food was an actual road killed moose that was picked up and taken out on location for a real looking scene… It was a very nice thing using the right way of the land… The rail road scene was a real direct way of how people get around up in the remote wilderness of this ‘t say enough of the people that all made this happen…

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